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There's always a market for your product. You just need to find out who your customers are and where they hang out. I help businesses with complex or new concept products bridge the gap between sales process and buyer journeys.


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Hi, I'm Andrew

I help you communicate clearly with your customers, so they’re more likely to buy. I can work with you to develop a sales funnel that flows beautifully and captures customers – generating more leads, conversions and sales and getting a better return on your sales and marketing investment.

Finding Markets is an Inbound Sales framework designed to find active buyers interested in buying your product or services.

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I’ve developed an intuitive ability to sense what ideas flow best for your business. Working closely with leaders and their teams, I can help you to clarify and focus on the directions your business can take to reach its full potential.


Andrew was a true asset to the team and one of the most innovative and entrepreneurial people I have worked with. He possesses a great combination of professional acumen combined with the ability to think ‘outside the box’.

Chris Handley VP Product Management & Analytics at Vodafone Enterprise Global

Andrew's an artist of exceptional skill. He has the ability to take complex concepts, sprinkle his pixie dust, and turn the complex into simple easy to understand words and imagery. Not only that, he is a joy to interact with and a committed professional. Always a pleasure.

Donal Daly Executive Chairman at Altify

Your salespeople need a good story.
Find your market and enable your sales team:

  • Get the tools and techniques I use to clarify and sell value
  • Get tips on mapping your Buyer's Journey so that your selling is no longer 'salesy' and actually presents value first!

Finding Markets Podcast

The Finding Markets podcast with Andrew McAvinchey


The mission of Finding Markets is to reveal what it takes to grow a product-focused business to profit by providing in-depth conversations with successful entrepreneurs and small to medium business owners.

​We focus on people and companies who have invented 'new concept' products to simplify and improve our lives, using technology and creativity to do something new.