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Buyer Journey Mapping, Sales and Marketing for Complex and New Concept Products.

Hi, I'm Andrew McAvinchey

I can help you communicate clearly with your customers, so they’re more likely to buy.

  • I begin my mapping the Buyer Journey from your customers' perspective.
  • Next we generate campaigns, messaging, positioning frameworks and personalized marketing and sales content that present value to your customer in context.
  • I work with you to develop a sales funnel that flows beautifully and captures customers – generating more leads, conversions and sales and getting a better return on your sales and marketing investment.

I use unique methods and techniques to sell my clients’ products in B2B and B2C markets all over the world. My clients and partners have generated millions in additional revenue and multiplied their funnels by 10X thanks to clear value messages, precise positioning and personalized sales and marketing. 

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The businesses I partner with typically sell to other businesses. Their sales processes can be complex, with multiple sellers, and their products require prospects to consider something new.

I provide strategy, systems and training for global sales and marketing teams. My work is most useful for exploring new markets and adding leads to the pipeline of fast growing sale teams going through expansion. 

How does it work?

We'll work in a way that scales - for example one of our clients needed a better way for their team to produce personalized content for customers, so we created systems to understand each customer and present them with appropriate material at the right time.

Another was selling a complex software platform that customers struggled to understand - we worked together to educate the buyer in stages that fit the Buyer Journey.

Within the selling ecosystem, it is important to fit your sales process to the Buyer Journey so that it is relevant and appropriate to each stage of the sales cycle. How you present value to your customer is essential - this means not only presenting the technical or commercial aspects, but connecting emotionally with each prospect in context.

With multiple stakeholders, value is presented differently according to the person with whom you're speaking.

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Why should you choose to work with me?
Digital Marketing, Data Science and Creative Thinking are essential components to your sales and marketing strategy. After a career spent trying new things, all with an eye to the future, I'm blessed with a unique perspective that my clients love. I have advanced qualifications in Science and Computer science combined with advanced sales and marketing expertise.

I spent the last 15 years applying analytical skills and techie know-how to marketing products all over the world. Creatively, I've produced and directed award winning films, founded a successful film festival and I've written professionally. I've worked with the world's most advanced data science companies and sales and marketing legends...

We offer a rare combination of technical savvy, the ability to speak to engineers and marketers alike, and a flair for creative innovation and entrepreneurship.

The Buyer Journey and structured sales and marketing:

  • ​I can help you to clarify and focus on the directions your business can take to reach its full potential.
  • When you're following lean methodologies to develop and sell products, I can provide an objective point of view in order to guide you when you decide to 'pivot or persevere'. 
  • I provide Sales and Marketing with a combination of awesome ideas and a structured approach to implementation of the ideas most likely to work.