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I work with partners on:

  • messaging based on the language of your customer
  • Increase of SEO visibility, traffic, conversions and demand generation (e.g. one client by over 300% in 6 months)
  • end to end development of winning marketing and sales enablement strategies
  • content marketing systems and sales enablement delivery platforms
  • content strategy and development
  • systematised collection of use cases (e.g. using Salesforce or other CRM)
  • troubleshooting of existing sales and marketing systems, identifying blockages & opportunities
  • increase revenue and ROI with measurable, positive results in 3 to 6 months
  • Optimisation of marketing platforms such as Hubspot, Marketo and other demand generation systems
  • Strategy and optimisation of email marketing campaigns using automation (e.g. Mailchimp/Convertkit/AWeber)
  • Development of content maps that align with your customer’s buying journey
  • Development of automated workflows and persona development to increase conversions, increase sales and number of leads per month by 50% – 200%

We help you build an efficient sales and marketing engine that delivers revenue.

Firstly, you’ve got to get their attention. It’s pretty crowded out there, and engaging your audience can be tricky. Plus, sales and marketing have changed. Building a product means involving your customer from the beginning. Selling is no longer just about closing a deal – customers are so well informed and expectations are so high that you’ve got to develop relationships and trust before they’ll buy from you.

Telling your story is key.

Part of telling a story is understanding the audience. “Consumers” are nobodys – working together, we focus on the people who need to understand your product and the value you offer before they buy. Once you’ve got their attention, bringing people all the way to a sale involves a lot of communication. Over the years it has become something of an art form. A good online sales and marketing funnel is a goldmine. Some of the challenges I've helped my clients overcome include:

  • help getting across complex ideas or complicated products
  • brainstorming ideas and using intuitive methods and structured creative practices to clarify the right approach or decision.
  • helping to develop valuable products by testing the market and using both creative and scientific techniques to create value for thousands, if not millions of people.

I’ve helped global companies IBM, Google and Vodafone as well as some of the world's most innovative startups sell new technologies and complex products. Together we created campaigns, systems and content for people who needed a simple, clear message delivered in a way that’s convenient and accessible.

Whether delivering to C-Level decision makers in multinational corporations, 66 million customers of a consumer Internet brand or alpha-testers of a brand new start-up, I’ve helped clients all over the world to simplify their message, package the value and communicate it to customers, so they get it.

Contact me to discover how I can help you find a market for your product and sell more.

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